Monday, April 13, 2020

Skin Care routine, Step 2 and 3


Clayton Shagal Collagen Plus.

In 1982 Clayton Shagal research team uncovered an unique extraction method to provide the skin with macromolecular proteins of collagen.  The single collagen product that stared it all was the purest form of collagen ever extracted commercially which required no injection to penetrate the deep layers of the skin.  to this day, it remains unsurpassed in purity and uniqueness.

Healthy skin produces collagen fibrils, which increases moisture to improve skin hydration. Unhealthy collagen will loose density resilience, the skin will lack hydration, clarity and tone fine lines and wrinkles will become more apparent.

From age 25 years onward,  collagen levels deteriorate rapidly

Collagen Gel includes 5 % collagen proteins best for those starting off with a collagen 25 years and up.

Collagen Gel Plus includes 10% (double) collagen proteins best for those upgrading from the Gel and those requiring additional protection agains fine lines and wrinkles.

Collagen Serum includes 40% collagen proteins, best for severe collagen loss, due to injury (Acne) lack of hydration (Rosacea) and accelerates skin recovery post-treatments.


Collagen make up 25-30% of the total body proteins.
70% of the skin is made up of Collagen.
Over 4000 years ago, Egyptians used collagen as an adhesive binder.
The word "collagen" is derived from the Greek "koala" and "genesis" meaning glue-producing.
Collagen is commonly used to improve wound healing - burns
Collagen give the skin its foundational strength and structure.

The stimulation of fibroblast cells increases the production of collagen.
These stimulous  can be found in nutrition, vitamins and supplements.

I always suggest BioSil Biosil website to my clients which stimulates to produce collagen.

Cameo also sells Advance Nutrition Programme's  Vitamin A+ which is the unlimited skin nutrient, yet over 40% of Canadians are Vitamin A deficit.

Vitamin A+ is a powerhouse of anti-aging supplement the builds healthy skin cells, activates cell turnover and STIMULATES COLLAGEN and ELASTIN, protect against environmental stressors and builds skin immunity and reduces pigmentation.

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