Saturday, February 27, 2016


Here are a few reasons why you should NOT sleep in your make-up;

1. Doing so will age your skin faster, how you ask?

Well according to dermatologists: Your skin break down during the day due to being exposed to environmental pollutants as well as bacteria, molds and mites from the outside.  The breakdown of  the makeup itself can prevent the important role of microcirculation, which helps renew the skin. This speeds the breakdown of collagen, resulting in wrinkles. Waking up with aged, stressed and dull skin.

2.  Enlarge your pores and Acne -  Sleeping in your makeup can block pores, leaving oil trapped inside, this leads to bacteria build up, breakouts and enlarged pores - yes all of them.

3.  Loose your eyelashes - Left on mascara can cause eyelashes to become brittle, break easily and even shed faster,

4 Eye infections and cysts - old makeup and leaving it on overnight can become a double disaster
SO please take the time wash you face before you go to bed, make it part of your routine, your skin will be healthier, younger and clear.

Extra tip - wash you pillow case weekly.

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